Drunk As Fuck

I got hammered right in the head The world’s spinning again Got no brain, got no problems Everything is drawn down my drink Feeling good, feeling free I’m drunk as fuck Tonight I’ll end up on my knees I’m drunk as fuck You know you’ve been there before Still got some scars from it One […]

Ain’t no Time

All those people talkin’Makin’ my heart racin’ Like a speeding clock Fools are swayed they’re thinking Not a soul worth savin’ Hiddin’ in the flock Ain’t no time for bitchinnn’   (no-no-no-no!) Ain’t no time -> I got business to do Waiting for the shake Burnin’ to the stake Mass of wacken heroes Every single […]

Money Order Gunpowder

Crushed backs and broken bonesBlack powder and red ironSpend your life redeem your birthYou’re just another currencyDon’t resist don’t seek justiceUnder their boots there’s no mercyDon’t you think you’re so cleverThat’s your freedom that’s been severed Burn power out of their hands —> money order gunpowderTurn over and stand your ground  —>  money order gunpowder Let […]

Tinnitus Rock

Do you hear that soundThat’s ringing in your ear The high singing bellFollows you everywhereThe sound of the greatWhat’s left of the best Of hundreds of decibels Plunging in your heart If you gotta play Rock’n’RollYou’d better play it loudIf you gotta play Rock’n’RollFeel the music like a flood We can’t get enough We can’t stop that trainElectricityFlowing in our […]

Lady Blue

Hey lady what’s going on,You keep hangin’ aroundYou may want to slow it downBefore you hit the groundTake some time to leak your woundsBefore they’re to profound Hey lady what’s going on,You need something to hang on ! Don’t you have something to do, // Dont you bother lady blue,She’s all laughs and cries // […]

The Act

You got the role babeAint changing a thingYour characters chaseDancing in my strings (chorus) You gotta keep -playing the act-Keep playing the act Can I get a smileCan you eat the milesYou don’t mind the lightsStill you’ll pay the price

Never Out Of Supplies

You’re what you eatCome on man you know itRock is all All I needAnd for sure Whiskey&WeedOut of this world, another kindI may be fried, but I dont mindAlways been in disgraceI hardly liked this place You think you dont featAnd hope you wont submitBuild a fence in your headYou cant stop seeing redI know […]

Party Girl

She gots fire in her eyesSome red on her lipsLike a magnet in the roomShe’s the one hunting for food Party Girl (show me your moves) Always craves for the looksDon’t think you’re off the hookThe bad wolf in disguiseDon’t you dare crossing her eyes Ho you know you were blindShe never meant to be […]

Another Row of Five

Dumbness, numbness Nothing changes, they’re alway there, You must cope with itThat’s what you asked forWhat you had before Gimme another rowanother row of 5Take me some more, some more of my mindGimme another rowanother row of 5Take me some more, some more of my time Time to express, time to confessNever got no choice no […]

Dawn Of Man

Knight of the Ancient orderWalking down the roadThe world we know is overWe always fight alone The dawn of manThe end of timeWe got what we deservedThe dawn of manThe end of lineWe died by what we served Remember that we knewRemember we were warnedLook at death in the eye / a death waiting enquireAnd […]