Crushed backs and broken bones
Black powder and red iron
Spend your life redeem your birth
You’re just another currency
Don’t resist don’t seek justice
Under their boots there’s no mercy
Don’t you think you’re so clever
That’s your freedom that’s been severed

Burn power out of their hands —> money order gunpowder
Turn over and stand your ground  —>  money order gunpowder 
Let show them that we’ll whistand  —>  money order gunpowder 
Let them found that we’re unbound  —> money order gunpowder

A word whispered on the telep hone
Don’t hold me back Don’t say I’m wrong
I see the earth turned into stone
I see mass graves digged all around
Marketers  owns jesus ass
War always sells in verity
Your children won’t do better
If they just hope to get richer