You’re what you eat
Come on man you know it
Rock is all All I need
And for sure Whiskey&Weed
Out of this world, another kind
I may be fried, but I dont mind
Always been in disgrace
I hardly liked this place

You think you dont feat
And hope you wont submit
Build a fence in your head
You cant stop seeing red
I know I dont qualify
I never managed to be wise 
Should Take life for what it is
Enjoy your time as you please

Their’s just no way
No I Wont Relay 
On no sleeping pills 
That’s not my kind of thrill
No I wont wear any tie
Oh For sure I’d better die
Threaten me, I dont care
You wont make me cut my hair


Never out of supply

I like to fly

I wont concede

Whiskey and Weed